frequently asked questions

Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of the cottage’s page. A guest info sheet will be sent for you to list the number of people staying with you and dates of your vacation. To speed things up, you can also download the guest info sheet by clicking here: Booking Form. You then pay the damage deposit as a bill payment on your online banking and an invoice and rental agreement with your names and dates of vacation on it as well as an info package with entry details, address and a list of what to bring will be sent to you.

It is important to get your deposit sent promptly. The cottage is booked when the first damage deposit is accepted for any given period. Sometimes two deposits arrive the same day for the same time period. Please be aware that bookings can happen very quickly and therefore the first deposit received for any given period will be given priority. We do not hold bookings without a deposit.

Renthuron is a registered Travel Agency, licensed by the Province of Ontario. We are registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, which requires us to place all funds collected into a Travel Industry Trust Account. These funds are insured and protected by the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. The cottage is paid for by a bill payment on your online banking, just like your utility and other bill payments. We will send you the correct name and account number to use.
The damage deposit is $500-$1000, depending on the cottage. Renthuron collects a damage deposit to ensure compliance with the Terms & Conditions of the Rental Agreement. This deposit is held in our Travel Industry Trust Account for a maximum of 40 days after the last day of your rental. All or part of this deposit may be used for any damage, excessive cleaning, or any other non-compliance with the Rental Agreement. The damage deposit is not part of the rental fee.

One advantage of booking a cottage on this site is that the price you see is the price you pay. There are no agency or cleaning fees. Some cottages add HST onto the rent.

Most of the cottages allow you to check in at 4 p.m. and check out at 10 a. m. for weekly rentals and 4 p.m. check in and out on weekends (Friday and Sunday)
Most of the cottages can be rented by the weekend during the low season. During June, July, August and part of September, most cottages will rent by the week only.
Unless the cottage is Lakefront, most of the cottages are within a 5 minute walk to the beach. Some of them you can see the beach from the front door. Most of them allow you to hear the waves at night.
Most of the cottages in and around Grand Bend have no beach stairs. Further up the coast to the north on Lake Huron the beaches are found below some low bluffs. In this area, there are usually wooden steps with viewing platforms to take you to the beach.

Please be aware that we do not guarantee the condition of any beach. Please ask about of the condition of the beach if you are concerned.

Most of the beaches are sandy along the shoreline, and some have round pebbles followed by sandy bottoms with shallow accesses. All are great for swimming and water sports.

Our Great Lakes region is the largest fresh water system on earth!

Near or above record high water levels continue on some of the Great Lakes with a 33-year old record being broken in January 2020 for Lake Huron and Lake Michigan (the previous record was set in 1986/87). Water levels usually follow a seasonal cycle where water levels rise in the Spring due to increased precipitation and enhanced runoff from snow melt. In the Fall, the lakes generally decline due to an increase in evaporation as temperatures decline and cooler air moves over the relatively warm lake waters.

In most cases, yes. Some of the cottage have linens available for an extra fee.

Yes! Both Bayfield and Grand Bend have water parks, playgrounds and other recreational opportunities.

Some of the cottages allow pets… please ask.
In a word, no. The number of people of the cottage sleeps is the maximum it will comfortably hold. There are several reasons: most of the cottages are on septic systems that can be easily overloaded, there are only a certain number of beds, and the driveway will only hold a certain number of cars. Most of the cottages do not allow tents or trailers to be set up in their yards. The best thing to do for larger groups is to book a larger cottage, or two cottages!

Our cottages are bound by insurance restrictions which limit the rental guests to families and groups of mature adults. You can find cottages for younger groups here: grandbendtourism.com

If you decide to cancel, you will lose your deposit and any rent paid towards your vacation. You can purchase travel insurance to protect yourself from any unforeseen illnesses or events that cause you to cancel your vacation. This option will be shown on your invoice.